Day 7 – Make fitness about the family!

Today’s 31 Days post comes from Malak at Born Yoga in Birmingham:

“Healthy mom equals healthy family! Mom and baby workouts are a great way to take care of yourself while connecting with your little one. Place baby on shins for flying tummy time and get the benefits of ab work. Hold on to baby’s arms or torso as you extend your legs away with an inhale. On the exhale draw the knees in towards the chest, crunch up and give your baby a kiss! Repeat multiple times and take a supported bridge pose to stretch between reps.

Find a goddess squat with your toes facing out and heels facing in. Hold your baby facing outwards, squat and then lift your baby to face another baby. This is a great leg, ab and arm strengthener and allows yourself and baby to connect with other moms and babies.

Don’t forget to take a well deserved rest in savasana. Namaste!”

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