Day 9 – A running story

Today, Dan from our Holland store shares his running story and a little advice for new runners:

“In High School (1998-2002) I was a wrestler. I was in the heavyweight weight class (203+ lbs) and had to take frequent walk breaks during our 3-mile conditioning runs. After High School, I joined the Marine Corps, dramatically increasing the volume of my running. Unfortunately, I had no idea what I was doing and had also started smoking at that point in my life. Running was MISERABLE!

Eventually, despite my best efforts to keep away, a good buddy of mine talked me into running my first 10k while I was still in Iraq in the spring of 2008.

For reasons I can’t explain, that race really hooked me, and I have been ramping up my running ever since. I eventually quit smoking after a low point of 2 packs a day (gross, I know) and got serious about training for longer distances. My first half marathon was the Great Turtle half on Mackinac Island with my future wife and her family, a running tradition that prompted a marriage proposal.

I think running quite literally saved my life and led to my marriage. Without the drive to improve my running, I would have never worked hard to quit smoking. My wife and I reconnected because we both love distance running.

I would tell someone who is thinking about running that it is one of the greatest ways to get fit and explore the world around them.” -Dan K., Gazelle Sports Holland

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