Grace Smith - Gazelle Sports Activator

I would like to think that I have always been a runner but that wasn't the case. I played various sports in high school and one of them was track & field and one day I quit the team because I was tired of being told what to run. 

Then college happened and after some weight gain I decided to take up running.  My first 10K was at Harbor Days in Elk Rapids at the end of one summer and the moment I finished that race I said I was going to run the Bayshore half the next year, and I did just that! 

Alas my love affair with running was born.  In the past year, running and I have had a hard time together due to a stress fracture that took way too long to heal; so for summer 2018 I am focusing on falling in love with running again while training for my first marathon in Chicago this fall! 


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