Katie Siroonian - Northville

Journey to Movement:
My fitness journey is never ending and I am always trying new things, but one thing I've stayed true to has been my love for the outdoors. Any activity I do is so much better outside, whether it be yoga, running, hiking, swimming, slack-lining or playing sports. When I was four I started playing soccer and continued that until senior year of high school. When I went to college I felt a need to stay active, but without soccer I didn't have that discipline. I decided to join GVSU's Running Club and ran my first 5k with the team. Since then I have run 3 half marathons and a 25k. I am currently training for my first marathon! I love running because I can get outside and it clears my mind and it is an activity that I can do 365 days of the year! 
Your Favorite Food:
My favorite food to eat Pesto Pasta! Growing up my mom would make this meal for my birthday every year with fresh basil and tomatoes from her garden! 
If you could be one character in a movie, what would it be? 
If I could be any character in a movie I would be Hermonie Granger from Harry Potter or Hallie Parker from the Parent Trap. 
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