Long Distance Race Checklist

Marathon/Half Marathon Checklist

  1. Get your packet early at EXPO – have time to look around – it’s fun
  2. Make sure you have YOUR CONFIRMATION
  3. Have your number pinned on your shirt the night before – it must be in front
  4. If you want crowd support – iron on your name or something to your shirt – people will yell what is printed to cheer you on!
  5. Tie the chip in to your shoe the night before
  6. Have an alarm or wake up call (not that you won’t wake up several times during the night)
  7. Remember to Body Glide the areas needed before you put on shoes, shirt, shorts
  8. Remember nothing new to wear today
  9. Double tie your shoes
  10. EAT breakfast
  11. Hydrate – hydrate – hydrate. Take at least one bottle of water with you to start
  12. Take an OLD SHIRT to put on for prerace warmth that you are willing to throw aside somewhere as the race begins or in the first mile or so (there are organizations who will pick up these shirts and give to shelter)
  13. Have a pair of cheap gloves (found at Meijer or a hardware store) or socks for your hands that you can throw aside
  14. If drizzling or raining take a garbage bag and wear it over your body until the start – there may be one in the race package
  15. Have a BATHROOM strategy for prerace – I suggest a trip to the porta-potty early for any bowel movement and use an empty water/Gatorade bottle (wide mouth) for while your standing in the huge line up to start – just squat and go
  16. Have a meeting place decided for afterwards – it is hard to find your family or friends if you don’t – there is a runner reunite area that has letters that you can use to meet someone
  17. Bring for afterwards: sandals (you’ll be glad to get out of your running shoes!), extra shirt (probably long sleeve), Ibuprofen, stretch or sweat pants, towel or towelette, and any personal special food/drink you like (there’s plenty at the event but some people have picky stomachs and may want that special item). Check in your bag if you do not have someone to carry it.


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