Power Foods

Power Food What are the Benefits? When is this good to eat?
Oatmeal Helps lower cholesterol, good
source of fiber, and complex
carbs that will sustain in a
Great pre-race food or any
time that you wake up and
feel hungry!
Cottage Cheese It is packed with protein which
runners need more for muscle
repair and rebuilding.
Anytime, except before your
workout. This is also a great
post-race snack.
Pretzels Low-calorie snack, but
provides you with a good carb
boost, the salt helps you
replace your sodium you lose
when you sweat.
These are a great afternoon
snack and could be used as a
post race snack.
Hummus on Wheat Thins This snack is packed with
protein, fiber, and vitamins. 
This is a good mid morning or
afternoon snack.
Salmon High in Omega-3 fatty acids
which help keep your immune
systems protected; may aid in
blood flow which could help
your workout; also provides
you with protein.
This is great food for lunch
and dinner. It’s great to put in
salads or to combine with
Blueberries These berries are loaded with
antioxidants such as vitamin
C that will help keep you
healthy and provide you with
essential vitamins.
You can mix these with all
sorts of things. They are
great to eat morning, noon or
Almonds Loaded with the antioxidant E
they can help reduce muscle
damage. They also give you
a good dose of magnesium,
potassium, and calcium.
You can mix this with other
nuts, throw them on a salad,
or just eat them as a snack.
Broccoli This green veggie has it all, it
has vitamin C, which aids in
muscle damage that is
brought on by exercise and has a bunch of phytochemicals that helps
fight diseases.
You can snack on these
anytime, steam them with
your dinner, add them to a
salad or soups.
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