Race Day Essentials

So you’ve trained hard all season for your upcoming fall race. Athletically you’re ready to go.
Here are some essentials to get you through race day:

  • Fuel: We all know not to do anything new on race day - so make sure you’re stocked up on the types of nutrition you need for your race - whether that be Honey Stinger chews, GU, Clif Blocks or Huma, be sure to carry with you everything you need. Don’t rely on the race course to have the types/flavors you’re used to.

  • Fuel belt or race number belt: Some place to store the nutrition you need, and your phone if you’re going to carry it with you. Something like the Nathan Zipster is my favorite. Alternatively if you’re not carrying much - a race number belt so you don’t have to put holes in your expensive athletic gear.
  • Shoes with a few miles on them: Again with the nothing new on race day. Make sure your shoes aren’t shot, but that they’re not brand new, either.

  • Layers! Especially for fall races. It’s great to have good, wicking layers that will keep you warm until you warm up, and will keep you dry and free of chafing. Depending on the temperature, I like a capri pant or shorts, a short sleeve shirt, and a long sleeve shirt over that.

  • Body Glide. I always carry some with me in the bag I’m going to check. That way I have it before the start of the race for any last minute usage. Shop here!

  • Recovery Sandals - Oofos are great to pamper your feet and body post-race. You’ll want to get out of your running shoes. Trust me.
  • Change of Clothes! Warm, dry clothes to change into after the race - especially if you’re staying for the post-race party.
  • Don't forget your electronics. Your Garmin watch, and headphones, both fully charged - if you run with them.

  • A good attitude, a positive mindset, and a smile. You’ve worked hard to get here. Enjoy your race day experience!