Running for the fun of it

The Gazelle Sports Activator Blog Series is written by a group of passionate individuals, willing and eager to share their personal stories of trial and triumph. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is filled with ups and downs, lessons learned, successes and failures. Get to know them as they share their journeys—you might learn something new!

By Eva Reiter

Today’s shout-out goes to all the ladies and gentlemen who may quietly (or openly) disdain running, or fitness in general. I have never been a natural runner, but I am naturally good at three things: (1) being an absolute nerd (math rules), (2) always being down for an adventure, and (3) never giving up; even if I’m the slowest or sweatiest person in a workout. This being the case, after coming to terms with the fact that I was going to like running (or die trying), I had to find a way to make it more tolerable.

Tapping Into my Nerdy Super Powers

That being said, one of my favorite parts about Grand Rapids is that there are enough super fun and fit folks here offering a wealth of cool, active things you can do! Whether it’s going on a running tour of the city, participating in a fun race, or finding an inspiring podcast to listen to, I still manage to get my fitness in and also find a way to learn something or enjoy my surroundings instead of focusing on Thunder and Lightning (my aching, yet fabulous thunder thighs who carry me wherever I ask).

Mom and I at our annual Turkey Trot.

When it comes to staying active and fit, we’re always going to have to think about too many serious things like meal planning or water intake (because I really wanted to hit the ladies’ room an extra 4 times this afternoon), so why not make your fitness regimen fun?! Throwing a wacky race in every now and then or a podcast or new playlist to shake things up can brighten your day. Plus, when it comes down to it, you’re contributing to the same goal whether you’re sweating along with a Richard Simmons tape or huffing through some squats while watching your DVR from the week; it’s all about bringing intent to your fit life. Every step you take in the right direction is pushing your dial towards more balance, more endorphins and more fun!

So What’s Next?!

I challenge you to find a fun or wacky fit activity and tell me about it! I really do want to know! Heck, I might even try it out!



My name is Eva and I will be one of your friendly neighborhood Gazelle Sports Activators for roughly the next year. When I’m not marauding through the streets of Grand Rapids in obnoxiously bright high-vis gear that could melt the retinas of Medusa herself, I’m a just a “normal” young professional and a profoundly proud mom of a goofy dog named Howard. I’m excited to share some of my experiences with you over the next few months and hopefully provide some form of inspiration. If nothing else, I hope to at least leave you with a laugh or two. Because who doesn’t need a laugh?!



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