Why Running Socks are as Important as Your Shoes

Why Running Socks are as Important as Your Shoes

"Great quality running socks can provide additional grip for your feet inside your shoes."

I’ve got to admit it. I am a sock snob. I didn’t used to be this way. Insert long distance running into the equation… and good running socks = game changer. They are my favorite thing. They reduce movement, wick away moisture, provide additional cushioning, and some manufacturers even add antimicrobial properties to their socks.

Running socks are just as important to a runner's comfort and performance as a great pair of running shoes. Choosing the wrong pair of socks, such as those made of cotton, could lead to a blisterful - rather than a blissful - running experience. Running can put a lot of stress on your feet. Many people overlook the importance and value of an amazing pair of running socks. Spending the money on an expensive pair of running shoes, then wrapping your feet in low-quality socks doesn’t make sense. Socks have a surprising role in supporting a runner, especially through longer-distance runs.

If you’ve ever worn cheap socks, you might remember the feeling of slipping and sliding in your shoes. Great quality running socks can provide additional grip for your feet inside your shoes. This reduction in movement reduces friction, which means fewer painful blisters.

Almost every runner has encountered a painful blister before. They lead to an uncomfortable experience, and I certainly do not recommend trying it. A quality pair of running socks reduces movement and draws the sweat and moisture away from your skin. When your skin stays dry and less friction irritates it, blisters are significantly less common. 

Cushioning is a main reason runners invest in a pair of quality socks. Each brand will differ in the level of padding, but they all attempt to provide more protection in the heel and forefoot, where runners experience the most pounding. Every bit of cushion may help with whatever surfaces you decide to run on.

Newsflash! Feet can stink. Cotton socks are a breeding ground for the bacteria that creates the smell emanating from your socks. Some of today’s running sock brands specialize in antimicrobial fibers to help combat against the bacteria. This allows you to actually wear your antimicrobial fiber socks multiple days in a row! I’m serious. Complete game changer.

So, it’s time to move away from those cotton sock multi-packs, and move into a new pair of quality running socks for a more enjoyable running experience!

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