Tommy Dylan - Gazelle Sports Activator

What a "road" my fitness journey has been. As a kid, I was the one that was laughed at for being overweight. Laughed at and called, "Chubby".  It hurt then. Honestly, it still hurts now.

But, that began to really change about 12 years ago. I was challenged to attempt my first 5K. I remember getting 1.5 miles into the race and thinking there was no way I could ever finish. Well, I did. And when I crossed that finish line, I remember telling  the voices in my head, "Look what the Chubby kid just did!"

Since then, I have coached baseball, football, basketball, cross country and soccer.  I have also run 2 marathons, (including the Disney Dopey Challenge) 2 25k's, 2 half marathons, and am now training for my 3rd marathon.

Running has become an integral part of my life. I train weekly with my Gazelle Run group, and through that group, have made lifelong friends. I look very forward to my Saturday long runs!

My family had also watched me in my fitness journey. Now, they are also involved with running and fitness, and that truly excites me!

My Fitness road has changed my life. "Chubby" is a memory. And, I am quite confident that those same people who called me Chubby, would never recognize the person and Athlete I've become.

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