What's in your Lole Lily bag?

What's in your Lole Lily bag?

We all have that one bag that we use for literally everything.

You know, the bag that is perfect for the beach.
The bag that holds everything for work.
The bag that you can bring to the gym, use as your weekender bag, or even as the bag that makes the best travel companion.

You know, that bag that is like a chameleon - it can work for anything.

That bag for the ladies at Gazelle Sports is the Lole Lily Bag. This bag is the bag of all bags. The Lole Lily Bag is the Lole's top seller, across all categories. It can convert into a backpack, has a pocket for a yoga mat and several multi-functional pockets, as well as secured zippers. This bag is a must-have for all the ladies who are on go. Just ask our staff, we love this bag.

To show you just how much we swear by this bag, we asked around at Gazelle Sports: what do you keep in that bag?

The answers are in, and the essentials are endless.

Woman holding lole lily bag

Wear this bag over the shoulder or as a backpack.

"At any given time in my Lily bag, you can find: my laptop, notebooks, multiple Sharpie pens, lip balm, snacks (no self-respecting mom leaves home without them), a 16 oz Hydroflask for coffee, a 32 oz Hydroflask for water, Bodyglide (you never know when chafing will occur), band-aids, possibly diapers and wipes, teething rings, a sports bra, sometimes running or cycling shoes and normally Trekz Air headphones. The reason I love the Lily Bag - all this fits and is organized neatly! Plus, I can wear the bag either over my shoulder or as a backpack. The backpack carry is essential because I often stuff this bag so full of things it gets ridiculously heavy." - Christina, Graphic Designer at Gazelle Sports.

This bag makes the perfect carry-on.

"So much love for the Lily Tote! I use it for work, the gym and travel. It is the perfect carry on! My favorite way to use the Lily while traveling is as a backpack so I can walk through the airport hands free. I use the compartment meant for a yoga mat to store my jacket. When I get to my destination I love to use the bag as a tote for professional meetings or as a pool bag. The perfect, versatile, can't live without it bag!" - Angie, Merchandise Manager at Gazelle Sports.

Holds all the snacks.

Water bottle, multiple pens, bullet journal, lotion, body wipes, hand sani, phone, Chromebook, at least two different kinds of lip balm/gloss, phone charger, Chromebook charger, travel charger, Nuun tablets, wallet, wristlet, headphones, business cards, food (probably at least 2 granola bars and some energy chews), tea bags, Shout wipes, Lucky red envelopes, ruler, and potentially a book or magazine. Sometimes even an extra pair of shoes due to the handy dandy shoe bag!"
- Elle, Merchandise Manager Assistant at Gazelle Sports

This bag is everything. Literally.

"Must Haves:

  • Hydroflask water bottle (stickered up, obviously)
  • Wallet
  • Laptop and charging cord
  • Extra hair ties
  • Notebook
  • cinch bag with gym/running clothes
  • pens... a million pens...

What I love about my Lily bag? It fits EVERYTHING. I mean everything. I also love that even though it has removable back pack straps, it still looks professional enough to take to work meetings and durable enough to throw on my car floor."
- Cara, Community Engagement Events Manager at Gazelle Sports

My on-the-go closet.

"This was one of the first purchases I made when I started working at Gazelle Sports. I kept going back and forth on if I wanted it to be my work bag or gym bag. The verdict: gym bag. This bag looks small but it holds so much. I go to the gym every morning and get ready at the gym, so I have to pack a lot. This fits: my training shoes, headphones, head to toe outfit for work, sometimes a straightener or my wand, a towel if I workout at Orange Theory, a hat for those dry shampoo days, also, dry shampoo, a water bottle, protein shake, socks, morning essentials: face wash, deodorant, ya know, the necessities, a brush and sometimes my shampoo and conditioner when it's time to wash my hair after a few days ;). This bag FITS IT ALL and still zips up so I can wear as a backpack. It's my closet on the go. And I couldn't image any other bag to use that would fit everything perfectly!"
- Lisa, Social Media Coordinator at Gazelle Sports

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