Why you should get on the Good Form Running bandwagon

Whether you’re an experienced marathoner or the farthest you’ve ever run is to the bathroom after eating a questionable chili dog at the state fair, the free Good Form Running clinics offered by Gazelle Sports are well worth the hour and 15 minutes you’ll spend learning some pretty cool things that will get you running further and faster, no matter your experience level.

I fall somewhere in between the two runners I’ve mentioned above with a couple full marathons under my belt and numerous half marathons, and I thought my form was pretty darn good. I already knew all about midfoot striking and had long ago committed myself to a shorter, faster stride. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should come to a Good Form Running clinic soon!

As it turns out, I still had a few things to learn. At this clinic, attendees get the dubious honor of being caught on camera by the extremely well-trained Gazelle Sports staff, and their various running forms critiqued by said staff. They point out exactly what you’re doing well and where you can improve. They also give you the tools you need in order to improve. I was given a couple pointers that I’ve since implemented in my weekly runs that have actually made me faster with less fatigue.

The best part of the Good Form Running clinic? The staff who teach it. At the clinic I attended, both facilitators had their stories to tell of how Good Form Running changed their lives. Rob could barely jog 100 yards without issues. And Emily, though an experienced college athlete, struggled with an almost crippling post-race soreness. After making some changes to their running form, the same changes they recommend to attendees of their Good Form Running clinics, each of them found success with running that converted them for life to the tenants of good form. That’s exactly what they hope to inspire through these clinics and the lessons they teach.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in jogging and walking your way through your first 5K or you’ve qualified for Boston and are driving towards a new PR, these clinics will help you run better, faster and farther than you ever have before.

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