NEW Apparel inspired by Michigan!
We partnered with Rita Carroll from Runhouse to help us design a collection that celebrates spring running in Michigan—from the West Michigan Lakeshore to Downtown Detroit. For the collection, we wanted to capture the ethos of running in Michigan alongside bright bold colors. The collection together feels like a run across the state, and each design had its own purpose.

Run Mich Robin: We wanted to capture spring running in Michigan with something iconic to our state, like our state bird, the Robin.

Run the Lakeshore: For our lakeshore loving folks, we focused on the sandy beaches, the dunes, the summer sun.

Our City Runs on Motown: We wanted to celebrate the rich history and pop culture of Detroit in a fun and funky design.

Gazelle Sports Treatment: The text treatment and illustration are inspired by a gazelle in the wild.

Meet the artist

I’m Rita. I’m an avid runner and artist living in the city of Philadelphia. I've been running and making art since I was a kid, but the journeys for both have taken different paths throughout my life. It wasn't until recent years, when I became a proud partner at Runhouse, that they married together to get me where I am today as a self-employed designer running my own creative business.