Improved stability and maximal cushion for confident everyday miles

Forget what you thought you knew about stability shoes. The Gaviota 5’s new stabilizing H-Frame™ allowed HOKA to implement softer foams than ever before. Delivering inherent stability without compromising cushioning, they paired their intuitive H-Frame base with a breathable creel jacquard upper, ultra-plush collar, and Bondi-level cushioning to deliver that signature HOKA ride.

We love it for everyday running and walking.

Take a look inside

What makes the Gaviota 5 Special

H-Frame Technology

Stabilizes every step without feeling stiff. This is the magic piece that prevents excessive inward roll (overpronation) without changing the motion of your stride.

Creel Jaquard Mesh Upper

Super breathable and comfortable mesh that keeps your foot secure all day. Bonus: It's also extremely durable.

Early Stage Metarocker

Smoothly transitions your foot through your stride.

Softer EVA Foams

The softest Gaviota ever! These foams mean maximum cushion and have great durability for every day use.


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