Welcome to the Herd, our Gazelle Sports community. A place to connect, gather and find friends to get you moving. Spark a running routine, fine tune a fitness regime, learn tips, tricks, discover perks and more – the Herd is here to help you move.

We’re very proud to introduce you to several of our inspiring friends. Connect with them. Be well with them. Run with them – wherever you happen to be.

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The Herd

Here, we shine a spotlight on the power of connection, community and the stories that ignite passion for healthy living. From fitness tips to yummy post-run snack ideas, you’ll find wise words to help you live your best life.

The Herd

Want to be part of our Herd? Hope so! Consider this your one-stop spot for group runs, local activities, and events to get you out and about – together.

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The Herd
Extra Milers

While focusing on our health is rewarding enough, perks always help us stay on track. Here you’ll find our best #herdperks. Our way of saying you’ve got this – and we’ve got your back.