We believe in giving back to the communities we call home

Our Communities:

Community is an integral part of who we are…

Gazelle Sports Foundation: The Gazelle Sports Foundation was launched in order to support efforts at lowering the barriers to movement among vulnerable communities. At least 2% of Gazelle Sports profits are donated to the foundation. Learn more about the Gazelle Sports Foundation at gazellesportsfoundation.org

Signature Events: With six Signature Events across the state, we provide premium, unique experiences to the running community. Whether that’s on trails in Kalamazoo, with 4000 women at Gazelle Girl, or over the dunes in Holland, our events are memorable- even when we’ve had to go virtual! Plus, proceeds from each event benefit our local charity partners and the Gazelle Sports Foundation

Community Programs and events: Through our own running programs, and the support of other local running groups and events, we actively support the movement communities at each of our five store locations. You can find Gazelle Sports staff cheering on runners at aid stations, hosting pre-event meet ups, or volunteering to help out at one of the many community events that we sponsor.

Our Commitments:

Sustainability: We are committed to making sustainable choices wherever possible. Whether that’s offering gear made from recycled materials, our commitment to implementing reusable bags, or an emphasis on zero waste events, we’re committed to helping maintain the well-being of our environment.

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity: We are committed to the work of building an inclusive environment for all employees, customers, and community members. It is our vision to be a leader in promoting, supporting and enabling active living for all people in our communities.