Why Running Bras are a Must for Your Bust

The right running bra is just as important as the right running shoes, but too often, women are wearing bras that are too old, not the right size, or not the right kind, and that’s not good for the girls! Breasts are supported by skin and what’s called Cooper’s ligaments which can easily stretch without proper protection. This can result in irreversible sagging, as well as breast, back, and neck pain. It can even affect your performance. In short — the right running bra matters, and so does the right fit!

Finding the Right Running Bra for You and Your Girls

We like to say bounce is only good when it’s in your step! Bras that are too loose don’t provide proper support. Bras that are too tight make it tough to breathe and can rub you the wrong way literally! You need a bra that fits just right, and offers the right support for the way you move, but how can you be sure? Our expert staff is happy to answer questions and trained to provide free in-store bra fittings. In the meantime, here are a few bra fit tips:

  • Make sure straps are secure but don’t dig in
  • Underwire is called that for a reason - it should sit under the breast!
  • The band should lay straight, stay in place, and feel comfy, not constricting, on the outermost setting
  • There should be no gapping, puckering, or bulging along sides or tops of cups
  • You should not be able to fit more than two fingers sideways under the band

Running Bra Tips

Right up there with the perfect fit is making sure you choose the right bra, care for it correctly, and know when it’s time to replace it.

  • Remember, runners need running bras! Not all sports bras are the same — different impacts need different support. Running is considered high impact.
  • Do not celebrate bra birthdays! Replace every year at a minimum
  • Buy multiple bras (on the loosest setting) for longer wear (and less laundering!)
  • Turn inside out and follow washing instructions
  • When trying bras on, raise your arms and do a practice run to ensure the bra moves with you comfortably and is not constricting or riding up
  • Racerback styles offer added support for those, well, a bit more endowed
  • Watch for the signs you need a new or different-sized bra: failed two finger band test, gaps or bulging; loose even on the tightest setting