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RunPro Medium Insole

| 2012-18
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Running and Walking Insole
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  • Designed specifically for running & to fit all running shoes
  • HEEL: Deep Heel Cup for heel wrap, fit & lock
    • Blue Poron cushioning pad
    • De-coupled Heel allows natural heel flexing same as shoes technology
    • Zero Heel Drop no change to shoe offset
  • ARCH: Dynamic Flexible White Nylon 6 Arch Each arch differs in size & rigidity for customization & individual fit for all gaits, foot types, body weights Spring effect in arch, for support, energy return & to reduce foot pressure* Different arch positioning on every insole: High Profile arch is closer to the heel Med arch is slightly more forward Low Profile arch is slightly again more forward
  • FOREFOOT: PU Orange Rubber padding for rebound & propelling effect -85% rebound
  • Free Flex EVA Memory Foam: molds to foot for full foot contact & shoe customization
  • Active MoistureManagement: Poli-U midsole with bamboo and charcoal for moisture wicking & odor control
  • Very lightweight: does not add weight or volume to shoe (remove existing sock liner)

BENEFITS: Reasons to Buy

  • Increases comfort & fit of shoe: 30% more comfort* vs sock liner
  • Reduced foot pressure* & foot fatigue: because of individual, customized, flexible arch piece; result is higher performance
  • Preventative: lower foot pressure* & increased comfort* are keys to reduce foot pain & plantar fasciitis
  • Increased stability: improves the fit of the shoe, fills void between the foot & shoe, creating full foot contact
  • Flexible support: supports arch but does not block body’s natural movement
  • Shoe customization: currex RunPro is the final link to connect the shoe to the user