10 Reasons Why YOU should run Lake Michigan RTS 10k

By Cara Zerbel, Gazelle Sports Community Outreach Manager

It’s summer in West Michigan, so you know what that means? A 5k or 10k every weekend. I love that we get to live within such a vibrant and active running community with so many opportunities to engage with fellow runners. So, with all these choices, why should you forego all others on July 8 and run the Lake Michigan RTS 10k in Holland, MI? Well, let me count down with a reason for every “k” of this fantastic event:

10) Forget your typical post-race food – you get FROYO!!!
Thanks to Peachwave and D&W Fresh Market, every finisher gets a cup of frozen yogurt and fresh watermelon to cool down after the toughest 6.2 miles you might ever run.

9) Relive your childhood dream of playing in a fire hydrant
Graafschap Fire Department volunteers their time to not only keep runners safe, but to also unleash the fire hydrant in a refreshing fountain for you as you approach the finish line. Who doesn’t like feeling like a kid again?

8) You don’t have to worry about parking close enough to the start
We will have a shuttle service that will take you from downtown Holland at the Gazelle Sports store right to the start line and back after the race: Stress. Free. Transportation.


7) The shirts are so cool!
Red with blue right around the 4th of July? That’s almost as American as apple pie and hot dog eating contests!

6) No one is going to PR
I know this doesn’t sound like a positive just yet, but hear me out. It’s a tough course. It just is. People run it (and they run it over and over again) because they love it, and they’re just as happy to help you to the top of the dune as they are to get themselves there. Camaraderie beats competition here, friends.

5) There is a cap- it will sell out!
There is just something satisfying about having the opportunity to do a race that everyone wants to do, but not everyone gets into. That being said, sign up now, because once it’s full you’re out of luck until next year.

4) You get the best of all running worlds
It’s a road race. Wait, it’s a trail race. Hold on… it’s a sand race. No. It’s all three! What better excuse to test out new trail shoes, or lightweight road shoes?

3) The Prep Rally
It’s not just a packet pick-up- it’s a Prep Rally! Complete with snacks, beverages, giveaways and the opportunity to talk to Gazelle Sports staff about what you need to get through the race.

2) That view though
There is nothing like it. The course runs through private property (with permission) so you will literally, under no other circumstances, have the opportunity to see this view…and it will take your breath away.

1) The kids
All proceeds benefit the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation, and if that isn’t the absolute BEST reason to do this race, then I don’t know what is.

If I haven’t convinced you to sign up yet, then I don’t know what will. If I have convinced you to sign up, then hurry because you won’t want to miss out on the toughest 10k you’ll ever love!

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