Holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier! We’ve pulled together our staff’s top picks for every movement-minded person on your list – from those just starting out to the PR-chasing marathoners, to the outdoor enthusiasts and the ones who prefer the great indoors. We’ve got real life people giving real life suggestions, so that holiday list of yours? Nailed it!

The "I'm Not a Runner, But..."

Shelby Scholl - Assistant Footwear Buyer
Guess what? Anyone who laces up a pair of running shoes and goes out for a run is a runner! It doesn’t matter how far they go, how fast, or how often, they still need running gear to get out there – just sayin’.

The Newbie

Tova Jones - Social Media Coordinator
Hey, we all have to start somewhere, right? But when you're starting anew, you need lots of stuff to get you going. So, if you have a newbie on your list, you’re in luck – they need everything!

The Indoor Workout Enthusiast

Aleksandra Dalton - Metro Detroit Regional Manager
Let’s face it, some of us just don’t get along with Mother Nature. Rather than brave the elements these people prefer to workout inside where it’s warm. Totally get it, which is why we’ve got lots of gifts for all the indoor workout-loving people you know.

The Boston Qualifier

Arienne Hendrix-Roach - Birmingham Sales Floor Leader
Got an all-in, serious marathoner on your list? You’ve got this! Because we’ve got all sorts of marathon running must-haves! Help them get that PR and recover quickly with gifts made for reaching goals.

Hot gift alert!

Here’s an idea…pick up one of these hot sellers at your local Gazelle Sports! They're popular for a reason, and that means giving them as gifts will be popular too! Look at you crushing your holiday shopping.

The All-Season Outdoor Aficionado

Thierry Werderits - Grand Rapids Sales Associate
There’s no such thing as bad weather if you have the right gear. At least that’s how year round outdoor workout fans think. The key to getting them the perfect gift? Think that way too! What would be useful in all types of weather? We've got a few ideas.

The One Geared Up For a Run

Mike Limerick - Kalamazoo Community Run Coordinator & Sales Floor Leader
Technology is what makes this person tick, and we've got all the latest devices you need to get them geared up! The tech-loving person on your list is sure to respond with a row of smiley face emojis, a few thumbs up, and heck, maybe even a heart.

The Doer of All Things

Jen Brummitt, CEO of Gazelle Sports
Just like the holiday season, this person is busy, busy, busy! Got someone you know who goes from one thing to the next? We’ve got you! Check out our gift ideas that go from street to studio, workout to hanging out, running to running around…you get the picture.

The Young Athlete

Jax Heil - Grand Rapids Sales Associate
Young athletes go through gear faster than marshmallows melt in hot cocoa, so if you have one on your list (an athlete, not a marshmallow), you’ve got options galore! They always seem to need something, and if they need it, we’ve got it.

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The Soccer Fan

Randy Tran - Team Gazelle Assistant Account Manager
You know that person you haven’t spoken to in a while because they’ve been glued to the TV watching World Cup games and then they’re too bummed to talk when it’s over? Cheer them up and reconnect with the perfect soccer fan gift!

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Anyone and Everyone!
Whether you don’t have time to shop or you’re shopping for a tough-to-buy-for person, a gift card is perfect for letting them pick out what they want while letting you check them off your list. You’re welcome!