Alyssa Neumen - Grand Rapids Assistant Manager

Journey to Movement: 

From a young age I moved. I was always immersed in some form of organized sport. It wasn't until middle school were I found a true love for one particular sport, lacrosse. Then, lacrosse was a foreign idea in the Midwest. Today, it is one of the fasting growing sports. I had the privilege of playing through my youth years, high school and college. While running was not always my cup of tea, it always remained a dominant part of my training. Life after collegiate athletics is challenging as some of you may understand. I began my journey toward a active lifestyle. When running seemed like a job, yoga became my go to. Yoga has helped me both mentality, emotionally and physically. It helps me remained balanced and present in our crazy, high demanding world.  It wasn't until recently did I begin to "drink the juice" as some of my Priority Health Run Camp friends would say. Running has become a part of my daily life, while the journey to start and continue running is not easy, it has taught me how to be humble and grateful for the opportunity to move.

Favorite song to run to:
I, personally, do not listen to music often while I am running. I much prefer running with a group of people and have the able to engage in meaningful conversations. Our training programs as allowed me to meet many fellow runners and form new, meaningful relationships. However, when I do listen to music it usually is country. 

What is one thing people may not know about you?
HMMM....I am slightly obsessed with my dog, Rory (but for most my coworkers this is a very well-known fact) :)
While I would not by any means call me an expert, or even close to it, I really enjoy photography. This would be something I hope to get "better" at and continue to make time to do. 
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