Annette Askounis - Birmingham

Journey to Movement:
I really don't have a journey to be honest. I have always moved since I was small. I played 3 sports all through high school and played 2 years of volleyball in college. It was in my early 30's that I started to run after my daughter was born. I ran my first half marathon (Detroit Marathon) when I was 33 and came in the top 25 for my age. My next race was the Crimm, and though it was crazy hard, it is still one of favorite races. I had my best finish (Personal Best for time) at the Crimm. I run or walk 6 miles almost every day. Movement makes me happy, feel less stressed and calm. I don't think I'll ever stop moving!
What's your favorite way to relax? Laughingly, I love to sit and watch the Big Bang Theory! I enjoy the humor of the show and my husband loves it too, so it is a win win!
Where's your dream vacation? I just took my dream vacation when I went to Malta this summer! Loved every minute of it and the loved the simplicity of life on an island
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