Brad Polnasek - Gazelle Sports Activator

I grew up playing all of the traditional sports.  I played football, basketball, and baseball during high school and football and baseball at Albion College.  I didn't consider myself a runner until after college.  I fell into a somewhat sedentary lifestyle when I graduated, I needed an outlet for change.  Luckily, I was asked to run the 2011 Detroit marathon with two of my friends.  Before the race, I decided to run a marathon on my own simply to see if I could do it.  I mapped a route with my car and the next morning finished the 26.2 miles in agonizing fashion!  Learned a lot of lessons, mainly nutrition, from that run and went on to finish the Detroit marathon.  From there I was 100% hooked!  The inspiring book, Born to Run, really got the wheels turning as to what human limits are, if any.
Since then I have finished four 100 mile races and multiple other 50 milers, 50ks, and marathons.  The running community is so positive and encouraging!  I continue to learn more about myself through running and other activities like biking, yoga, cross country skiing, and lifting.  I am motivated to see what is possible and try to have fun in the process.  
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