Christine Pedder - Northville

Journey to Movement:

My journey of movement began as a small child. My parents believed in outside play and being active in whatever way my sister and I wanted to be. I tried and played everything from ballet, figure skating, soccer, basketball, track and field and cheer. I was a collegiate athlete; playing soccer and running sprints in track, and a cheerleader in the off season to stay in shape. I "found" running during physical therapy following hip surgery. Eight years later, I've run 16 half marathons. Who would have ever known?

What’s your favorite path to run?
My favorite path to run is around Crystal Lake in Frankfort, Michigan or the Legend Half Marathon at Sleepy Hollow State Park in Laingsburg, Michigan.
What’s one meal you could eat everyday?
I would eat spaghetti and garlic toast every day!
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