Day 20 – Light up the night!

Today’s post comes from one of our Gazelle Sports Activators, Eva R.:

“Greetings y’all! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling the impacts of the shorter days like crazy. Although our available light to run in is finally increasing, it’s still important to think about increasing your high-vis prowess. Over the last couple years, at the goading of my mom, I’ve been trying to find every method possible  to make myself more visible as I run in the dark. I’ve invested in clothing with high-vis striping, head lamps, LED light vests, and even an LED light vest for my dog! 

Now that Howard the Dog and I look like matching Christmas trees as we schlepp happily through the darkness, I’ve come to realize how much being visible during your runs can improve your safety. Not only will drivers see you more easily, but they may also squint at the brightness of your glow and giggle as you happily trot down the sidewalk. 

So what’s my challenge to you? I want to see your bright, beautiful high-vis gear while running, walking, or skipping through town this fall and winter! The more the merrier! When it comes down to it, if lighting yourself up light a disco ball keeps you safe, then it is worth it!”

The Glow Girls! My friend Julie and I at the Groundhog 4-miler in 2016

My name is Eva and I will be one of your friendly neighborhood Gazelle Sports Activators for roughly the next year. When I’m not marauding through the streets of Grand Rapids in obnoxiously bright high-vis gear that could melt the retinas of Medusa herself, I’m a just a “normal” young professional and a profoundly proud mom of a goofy dog named Howard. I’m excited to share some of my experiences with you over the next few months and hopefully provide some form of inspiration. If nothing else, I hope to at least leave you with a laugh or two. Because who doesn’t need a laugh?!



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