Day 22 – Find what motivates you and hold on to it!

We’ve got less than 10 more days left in our 31 Days of Fitness! Today’s post comes from one of our graphic design gurus, Christina:

“We all have different motivators to get us moving, and those can be so important, especially during the winter. If it wasn’t for the sweet face of my dog begging to get outside the last few weeks of bitter cold we’ve had, I’d have been bundled up inside sitting on my butt after work. Instead, I pile on layers of Smartwool and Patagonia gear and we brave the trails and dog parks. It’s good for him and even better for me. So find that thing that gets you moving and embrace it, because between the frigid winters and hot humid summers, sometimes we need all the motivation we can get!” -Christina M., Gazelle Sports DC

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