Day 22 – Sign up for a race!

“I think the best way to light a fire under my fitness habits is to sign up for an event. Rather than waiting to get in shape or to see what the weather will be like on that particular day, I pick an event down the road and I pay for it. Now I’m invested.

I can pay for gym memberships month after month, but just exercising on a daily basis doesn’t lead to any one point in life of being glad I put in all the sweat hours. The older I get, the less I find myself in situations in which my level of fitness is quantified or is a part of my daily survival.

However, if I know a race is coming, I can mentally and physically prepare for that event. It brings my competitive spirit out of hiding. Sometimes I get to the finish line and I find out I wasn’t ready like I wish I’d been, but I always finish with a sense of satisfaction. I usually find enjoyment in the race, just as I did the months or weeks of training ahead of time, and I remember just how fun this whole fitness thing can be.” Andrew, Gazelle Sports HQ

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