Day 23 – Get the gadgets and gear to get you moving

Today’s 31 Days of Fitness post is another one from our winter weather warrior in Birmingham, Robin:

“I am addicted to run specialty apparel and gadgets! Not sure what made my 8 mile run more fun today: my new Garmin Vivioactive 3, which keeps track of just about everything for me, or my new Trekz Air sleek bone conduction headphones. These headphones are amazing – the sound is fabulous, the fit is fantastic and because they do not go in my ears , I am able to be aware of what is going on around me, which makes solo runs as a woman much safer! Or it could have been my snappy smartwool apparel! Get geared up at Gazelle Sports – these also make perfect Valentines Day Gifts!” -Robin S., Gazelle Sports Birmingham

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