Day 5 – Love and an active lifestyle

Today, as a part of our 31 Days of Fitness, Kelsey from our marketing team share a little story about her own fitness journey:

“Movement really did change my life, in a way I never expected! About four years ago I started CrossFit as a way to cross train for running. I wound up getting addicted and soon was training for my first CrossFit competition instead of my next half marathon. The thought of competing made me nervous, but I had plenty of encouragement from my coaches, friends and gym “family.”

It was at that competition where I met a guy I had only seen around the gym maybe once or twice beforehand. We started chatting and it wasn’t long before he asked me on a date. A couple years and lots of dates later he asked me to marry him on a beautiful hike in Sleeping Bear Dunes!

I am so excited to get to spend my life with someone who values an active lifestyle as much as I do. And I am so thankful to everyone I’ve met along the way as I’ve explored running and CrossFit. Maybe my fiance and I would have met all on our own one day. But if you ask me, it’s thanks to the awesome people who’ve continued to inspire and push me on my fitness journey that I met the love of my life!” -Kelsey B., Gazelle Sports DC

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