Day 8 – Define your own movement

Don’t get bogged down by societal definitions – just move!
A note from Gazelle Sports’ Founder & Co-Owner

The word exercise can seem daunting. It implies a gearing up, a getting out, a struggle. It can feel difficult to accomplish every day, even for a short period of time. But movement is its own form of exercise. There is no doubt that almost any sort of movement is better than being sedentary. So as I commit to moving for 31 days, I will do it in ways that are part of my life in balance – not just cram in a run or workout that pushes me beyond my need for recovery, sleep, time to be with my family, etc.


My first day of movement was walking to see a movie with my wife. The movement and lack of using a car for a date night was incredibly fun and meaningful. Taking time to walk, talk and hold hands added to seeing a movie was a great way to spend time together. And in the process we walked 17,000 steps.

I will be running and going to the gym this month, but I will also be moving in ways that I might not have called exercise in the past and that will be ok.

Keep moving,

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