5 Tips to be a Stroller Mother Runner

written by Jessica Schweiger, Gazelle Sports Activator Birmingham

After having my twins in December of 2016, it does not take a genius to know that my life was going to look totally different. It was busier, chaotic, and to top it off, my husband got a new job that required him to travel A LOT! With all of this change, I was clinging to some sort of normalcy and this changed my view on running. It became my life line to the outside world, so this meant I needed to include my children. This task can be a bit daunting but once you get started it's far less scary. Because of this I wanted to share what helps me get out the door…

Things you need to be a fierce mother runner:

  1. A Quality Chariot Jogging strollers are an investment but this does not always mean you need to buy one brand new. I am the proud THIRD owner of my double jogging stroller and I can confidently say that it will live on to see children other than mine.

  2. A Weather Shield MOST stroller manufacturers have ones designed to fit their models. This is key in staying motivated as times get cooler and TRUST ME, because we live in Michigan you will need it. If you are not a treadmill runner, or are like me and do not own a treadmill this keeps winter training within reach!

  3. Distractions for the Tiny Humans  This varies based on your own child but I can share what my stroller ALWAYS has… Water bottles, snacks (and backup snacks), a speaker so they can listen to music too, and occasion a toy of choice (tied down of course).

  4. A Reliable Support System and I do not just mean a partner. I am talking sports bras. If you have in adequate support, a screaming toddler is not what is going to make you cut your run short! A good fitting bra reduces chafing and all around discomfort. Check out our bras!

  5. Your Tribe whether this be a group of women you meet up to run with, a virtual group, or just a friend to help hold you accountable, having a tribe of other runners (note I did not say women- my tribe consists of a stay at home dad) who support your goals with make those miles see far less daunting. I would be nowhere without my training group, or my moms running group! 

These things keep me going and having them helps me stay healthier both physically and mentally so I hope they may help you see those goals as reachable too. 

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