How to Dress for Cold Weather

To get outside and be comfortable in chilly winter temperatures you need to start with proper apparel, which includes fabrics with features that help regulate body temperature and preserve the body’s micro-climate.

Proper Layering Beats Harsh, Cold Weather
Proper layering allows you to strike a balance between your body temperature, clothing and the outside elements. As the temperature rises and/or your activity level increases, you can take off layers. Add layers as you get colder or the temperature drops. Taking off your gloves or hat is a quick way to vent. As much as 70 percent of your
body heat escapes through your extremities.

Considers The Following Points When Deciding Your Layering Needs

  1. First Layer: Crucial! This layer must move moisture away from the body to prevent chill. Bras, briefs, tops and pants should be made of wicking materials.
  2. Insulation: This is the mid layer. These garments also move moisture and trap warm air.
  3. Outer layer: This layer protects you from wind and precipitation, and completes moisture transfer by releasing perspiration into the air.
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