Kathleen VanVaerenbergh - Kalamazoo

Journey to Movement: 
My journey to movement likely began when my widowed father & maternal grandparents decided I was too hyperactive and sent me to the local YMCA to swim, run, climb, dance & burn off energy. I have 3 brothers & we have always been an active outdoorsy family spending most of our summers at a family cottage in Presque Isle MI. I vividly remember the 1st time I swam across Grand Lake to Crescent Island. It really wasn't that far when look on a map now, but it was such an adventure with my Dad swimming beside me. I still enjoy a good open water swim. Goguac Lake swim is one of my favorites.
I ran my 1st Marathon May 8 2011. It was the inaugural Kalamazoo Marathon and I was 51.  It was the BEST Mother's Day ever.
What motivates you to stay active? 
What motivates me to stay active is feeling good about myself & staying healthy and fit as I age.
If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? 
My superpower would be flying. I often have flying dreams & it would be fabulous to fly without being in the confines of a crowded airplane!
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