Lindsay Bona - Gazelle Sports Activator

At first running for me was the punishment for the sports I played in high school. When I started working out as an adult I opted for yoga or another class fitness class. I would lift weights and occasionally run on the treadmill (but not for long). I never thought that running would be as big a part of my life as it is now.

One day one of my friends challenged me to run a 5K. She said “You work out… you will be fine.” I didn’t know if I could run for 3.1 miles but I decided to try it with my group of friends. I ran my first 5K and was hooked!

From that time on I have run a lot of 5Ks, a handful of 10Ks and half marathons, and two full marathons. The joy I find in running is priceless as are the friends that I have made through my Mom’s Run this Town group. Although my motivation for working out may ebb and flow… my greatest motivation to work out and stay healthy is my son. He ran his first race last year and had a blast.  He ran it so fast I couldn’t keep up with him!


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