Mary McCormick - Kalamazoo

Journey to Movement: I have worked in the Kalamazoo store for over 30 years.   My journey to movement started when I was growing up with 4 brothers and 5 sisters!  I hung with my brothers and tried out for the guys football team!  I loved all sports and ended up playing volleyball and basketball in college. I have always loved any kind of movement including riding my horse "Cash". 

What Motivates You to Stay Active? 
What motivates me to stay active is the fact that I love New England Style IPA's(especially Full Earth, Boss Tweed and M-43 by Old Nation Brewing out of Williamston).  Also, my love of wine!

What's Your Go-To Meal? 
My go to meal is Gino's East pizza(dip the pizza in D & W veggie dip) and salad.  
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