Megan Lambers - Holland

Journey to Movement:

I started running after I had kids. Until that time, I never ran. EVER. Then, I started running a few miles here and there, built up to a 5k, and then a 10k. For the longest time I thought "I could never be a runner" or "I'm not a runner". It wasn't until I completed my first half-marathon that I finally felt like a runner. I signed up for run camp that next year and started training for what I thought was going to be another half-marathon. Halfway thru the season I started doing the long runs with the marathon group and once I ran 16 miles (furthest of my life) I decided to sign up for the Grand Rapids Marathon. Race day came and I was able to run with a friend who I met at run camp, we raced and it felt great. It was HARD but the success after completing it sealed the deal. I ran the Boston Marathon this past year and I am currently training for another race this fall. Running is a permanent part of my life.

What’s one meal you could eat everyday? If I could eat breakfast on repeat everyday I would be happy. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, donuts, and COFFEE.

What’s your favorite local place you have ran? I love running in the Saugatuck Dunes. It is peaceful, and a great place to challenge yourself and clear your mind.

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