Sarah Minnick - Gazelle Sports Activator

Gazelle Girl is special because it's a legacy race for me. Running was a new interest for me that first year.

One of my best friends was running the half marathon and encouraged me to run the 5k. I remember thinking that I could never run a half marathon!

This race held a special interest since it was a women's only event. I registered for the 5k. I loved the energy and the sense of community that day! There was lots of bonding over the weather alone!

Gazelle Girl jump started my interest in running half marathons. Now, six years and many half marathons later, I'm still running this race each year with my best friend, Jillaine. It's become tradition. It's my second year as an activator with Gazelle Sports and her second year as a pacer for the Gazelle Girl half marathon...and a race we will always come back to. 

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