Stephen Vecchio - Grand Rapids

Journey to Movement: 
When I got my career started in teaching, I had to move to Grand Rapids and knew no one in the area. As a way of staving off boredom, I began to run a little each day after work, starting with less than a mile. As time went on, I enjoyed it more and more until one mile turned into two, two turned into a 5k, and a 5k eventually led to my very first marathon. Now I teach full time and work at Gazelle, so free time is not as prevalent as it once was in my life, but regardless if I have 30 minutes one night or three hours I will still make sure I go out and enjoy putting miles under my feet on a near-nightly basis! It keeps my body healthy, my mind focused, and gives me the discipline I need to make sure I can succeed at any other tasks I need to put my mind to. 

What motivates you to stay active?

An addiction to donuts.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I teach elementary music, K-5th grade.

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