The Gazelle Sports experience

There’s something special about shopping with Gazelle Sports. The product and experience you’ll find with us are different than what you’ll get at big box and discount department stores.

Our footwear has the latest and greatest R&D behind it, with premium technology and materials to keep you running comfortable no matter the distance.

And our staff have the training, knowledge and care to fit you with the best shoe for you, not some model currently being featured. Our holistic approach emphasizes your needs and goals. We’ll work together to get you moving!

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what customers are saying:
“Jake was simply fantastic! This is more than a business, it is a place that believes even a novice is just as important as a seasoned athlete. I was treated with such respect and compassion and offered amazing encouragement as I worked to complete my first 5k after 20 years not running. I look forward to returning!”
“Ran my first half marathon 3 weeks ago at  Gazelle Girl and my first 25k yesterday at the Riverbank Run. Thanks you, Gazelle, for having such knowledgeable and approachable people to help me in your store!” – Cindy
“We were just in for your annual shoe sale last night, and I have to say the customer service was even more amazing than usual. Kudos to Gazelle: clearly you place great importance on having superior staff and customer service. Keep up the great work.”
- Stephanie
“My son needed supportive insoles for his shoes. We visited Gazelle Sports and were immediately welcomed by Ray. He was very attentive and helpful. Ray put my son at ease and offered various suggestions for our needs. This young salesperson made a stressful task a pleasurable one. Thank you”
- Mindy
“I purchased some running shoes from Gazelle last week. They get an A+ rating from me – very nice store, tons of selection, and Megan did a fantastic job fitting me for my shoes. She’s a very nice and knowledgeable young lady. It was a great shopping experience, and I will be a returning customer and telling all my family and friends that Gazelle sports is the place to go!” – Dave
“I now have come to absolutely love running! Not only has it changed my health for the better (I’ve lost over 20 lbs now), but it is a huge stress reliever and, to top it off, it’s just so much fun! With all of the help and information of the staff members at Gazelle Sports, I feel much more confident when I run, even though I’m still a beginner. I don’t know if anyone has ever mentioned this before, but I truly appreciate the personalized postcards that are sent out to me after my visits to the store. Those brighten my entire day! I love spreading the word about this business to everyone I know! Thanks for all of the help. You guys rule!” – Whitney
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