The All Season Outdoor Aficionado

Thierry Werderits - Grand Rapids Sales Associate
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow can stop some people from heading outdoors to get their workout in, and our Grand Rapids Sales Associate, Thierry, is definitely one of those people! It doesn’t matter what Mother Nature dishes out, Theirry can be seen adventuring through all types of weather, all year long. Got someone like him on your list? Well, today’s your lucky day – here are Thierry’s top gift ideas for every outdoor adventurist under the sun (and moon, and clouds, and rain, and…).

Holiday Gift Guide / The All Season Outdoor Aficionado

Shoes designed specifically for trails have good grip, stability and underfoot protection to tackle varying terrain, including the s-word. (snow!)

You never know what the weather has in store (especially in Michigan) so a protective outer layer will be a much used and appreciated gift.

These are great for outdoor protection against the cold, and some can even convert into a hat. A versatile gift that does double duty? That’s twice as nice!

A good pair of sunglasses can be used year-round, and a fun pair that matches the personality of the outdoorsy person on your list makes for a great personalized gift.

You might not see yourself working out in the dark or in a blizzard, but your recipient doesn’t believe in bad conditions! Gifts that help them see and be seen are important and thoughtful.