In Their Words

Meet Coach Butler

Coach Butler is just arriving on the coaching scene officially with Gazelle Sports Elite. Sam is a graduate of GVSU after four years of running for the historic program. While Sam never took the path of coach following the end of his collegiate career, he never stopped studying everything it took to prepare elite athletes for distance running after college. In 2022, Butler began working with Coach Peterson to train a small group of alumni on the new distance(s) coming out of college. Following the success of their athlete's first builds and qualifying one for the Olympic Trials in the marathon, Sam began working with Peterson to coach others looking to elevate their approach to the marathon and other road race entries across the Midwest. Sam now coaches alongside Alan with a whole new collection of talent in Gazelle Elite.

Looking Back

Coach Butler's Favorite Running Memory

Any and all championship level cross country races where I had to work together with my teammates and race for a greater purpose than myself at the highest level. Those wins and experiences whether running or spectating were the greatest impact and reminder of why I love the sport of running and it’s community.

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