The One Geared Up for a Run

Mike Limerick - Kalamazoo Community Run Coordinator & Sales Floor Leader
Meet Mike. He’s our Kalamazoo Community Run Coordinator and Sales Floor Leader at our Kzoo location. He’s also a trail running, triathlete techy who actually gets giddy when new electronic devices are released. Give him gear that spits out data, stats, tunes, maps and lights and he’s as happy as any tech fan on your list is bound to be when gifted one of Mike’s top picks. It’s gear every tech-lover is sure to, well, love:

Holiday Gift Guide / The One Geared Up for a Run

From tracking steps to recording routes to monitoring fitness levels, these watches have so many different features, there’s one for every level runner you know.

Listening to your favorite audiobook, podcast, or song while still being able to hear what’s going on around you? That’s not only safe, it’s pretty darn cool.

These devices can help relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness; increase range of motion; and improve circulation. It’s like giving 3 gifts in 1!

It’s always a good idea for people going on adventures to bring a phone along, but who wants to have to hold it when they could strap it on and go?

This time of year daylight is fleeting so reflective and light-up gear like vests, hat clips, and arm bands make great gifts to see and be seen.