Introducing the Mach X from HOKA. A tempo shoe for you to fly further, faster.

Super Shoe Technology. Everyday Comfort.

We all love these new super shoes with their propelling plates and super-light but super-springy foams. It's a race day match made in heaven. But why should race day have all the fun? From tempo workouts to long miles, the HOKA Mach X delivers every day.

Take a look inside

What makes the Mach X Special

PEBAX® Plate

Provides extra pop to make miles faster.

Peba Foam

Superior energy return to keep your legs fresh.

EVA Foam

Sturdy long lasting foam. Use you favorite shoe without sweating over how many miles you've put on it.

Strategic Rubber Placement

Increased traction for speedy sessions. Durability in high-wear zones.

Gusseted Construction

A fancy word for a tongue that locks in and doesn't move around during your workout.

HOKA Made, Gazelle Approved

"Exciting, yet comfortable"

Our team loves the Mach X for its balance between a poppy, exciting racing shoe and an every day trainer.

It excels at workout paces, but is light and comfortable enough to make easy miles that much easier.


By The Numbers

Weights, stack and drop are measured using Women's size 8 and Men's size 10.



8.0 oz | 9.4 oz




37mm | 39mm

Heel Stack Height