The Indoor Workout Enthusiast

Aleksandra Dalton - Metro Detriot Regional Manager
Whether it’s at the gym, on a treadmill, in a yoga studio, or some other locale warmer than it is outside, some people just plain prefer to work out indoors. We totally get it, and so does Aleksandra, the Regional Manager of our Metro Detroit stores. Aleksandra also happens to be a yoga instructor who loves to be comfortable, so rather than bundling up and braving the elements, she’s all about these top picks for indoor training enthusiasts. Namaste.

Holiday Gift Guide / The Indoor Workout Enthusiast

Nothing’s worse than uncomfortable shorts or tights when you’re looking for a moment of zen! Plus, poor quality tights can be see-through, and who wants to worry about that?

The girls should always be supported, and a great bra should not be felt on your skin. Also, a cute style and color doesn’t hurt.

Going from outside to in and vice versa means you have to carry stuff like a yoga mat, water bottle, cozy socks, and sweats. A great bag makes it easy!

When you’re in downward facing dog, you don’t want hair in your face, nor do you want sweat in your eyes. A headband helps with both.

Stay warm and comfy before and after your workout by wrapping yourself in a cozy sweatshirt. (Bonus: it’s just as cozy later when you’re sipping hot cocoa on the couch!)