Let's log some miles!
It's our annual Spring Running Kickoff, and boy are we pumped! Given the kind of year 2020 turned into, we're more excited than ever to shed some winter layers and hit the ground running. Below are resources and products to help you navigate the spring weather successfully. We can't wait to see you out there!

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If you're going to get one thing right, let it be your footwear. Properly-fitted shoes are vital to run or walk comfortably no matter the season.



Socks matter. They really do. They matter so much we've written a lot about there. Like a no-cotton lesson here, and Socks 101 with all the things here. Read, friends, and have happy feet.

The Basics

Spring can bring unpredictable weather! Layers are still key to a comfortable experience - but remember the 20 rule! You'll feel much warmer as you run - so light layers are where it's at. Technical tees and half zips or a light jacket are a great pairing. For bottoms, shorts may feel chilly at 50 when you start, but will feel great as you go along. If you run chilly, try a capri or ankle length tight! Walkers, you'll want to stick with long pants or tights until the weather gets warmer.

Top Half

Making sure you have the right layers covering your core will make all the difference no matter the weather. Light layers and packable options are key! Shop our men's and women's tops!

Bottom Half

Bottoms, like a lot of things in running, are one of those things you really need some trial and error to figure out. Chafing, sagging, bunching, too hot, too cold. It's a little like Goldilocks here sometimes!

Beyond the Basics

While it's true that all it takes is lacing up a pair of shoes, there are some additional items that will make logging those miles better for you. From key hydration pieces to finding the right running bra, we have everything you need to go a step beyond the basics and make sure you're hitting whatever goals you set for yourself!

Run Accessories




New this Spring:
Introducing Janji

We're super excited to bring in some spring running styles from Janji. This brand with a cause has some better-than-basic pieces you'll find yourself reaching for again and again.

From the brand:
"We craft globally-inspired running apparel guided by the places we run and the people we meet. To explore, connect, and give back through running -this is the core principle driving every decision at Janji. It's our promise to expand access to safe drinking water in the places we run around the world—hence our name, which means 'promise' in Malay."

Quick picks - some of our favorite accessories