Run (or walk) through the winter!
Keep up with your running or walking routine all year long! With the right gear there's no need to exclusively stick to treadmills when the weather gets cold. Watch our video with Grand Rapids' November Project for everything you need to know, and shop our picks for gear below.

For your feet

For your legs

For your hands

For your head

Layer up!

Layers are the key to remaining comfortable while being active in chilly weather.
Here is a guide to help you figure out how to run and walk outdoors without looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.
It's a bit of an art instead a science - but our guidelines can help you figure out where to start!




Be seen, be safe

Shop visibility and reflective gear to stay safe on the roads and sidewalks.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is still important in the winter!

Winter Pick - EXOspikes™ Footwear Traction

Kahtoola's EXOspikes™ give you the traction and the confidence you need to run and walk on ice and snow! They fit right over your normal walking or running shoes, making it easy to take them on or off when needed. This is one of our must-haves for running and walking through winter!

Quick picks - some of our favorite accessories