Ready to tackle your summer training?
We're here to get you through your summer training so you're ready for that fall race! From first steps out the door to final steps past the finish line, we have the tips, tricks, gear and expert staff to get you there comfortably, happy, healthy, and as fast as you want!

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The Basics

The thing about summer training is that, for a lot of runners, it's harder than winter training. The excessive heat can be hard to beat unless you're out there super early or late. Step one for any training is always the right pair of shoes, properly fitted by our expert staff. From there, hydration is an obvious priority. But the extreme heat and high likelihood of sweat means all sorts of other issues can crop up. Not to mention, any kind of endurance running will mean sore muscles that must be attended to, and safety is always important! So, listen to your body, get the right gear, and hit that hot pavement with us this summer!

There are a lot of things that will make a difference when you're just starting out running, but the biggest one will be your footwear. After all, your feet bear the brunt of getting you from point A to point B.


Hydration is important any time of year because no matter the temp, your body is exerting itself. But the heat of summer can really take a toll: pre, mid, and post-run you want to make sure you're replacing fluids and electrolytes.

Apparel + Bras

From overheating to chafing, not all apparel is equal. Prioritizing high-quality running apparel will keep you comfortable no matter the temp, season after season. Also, BRAS. Ladies, next to shoes, the right sports bra is where it's at.

Run Tech

From GPS smartwatches with all the data your heart could desire to headphones with bone-conduction tech that keep you safe and aware of your surroundings, these nice-to-haves will quickly become your need-to-haves.


The right accessories can make your run even more comfortable: sweat-wicking hats that keep the sun off your face, polarized sunglasses under $40 made for runners, multi-functional Buff Bands with UV protection.


For a lot of us, once you start logging significant miles (or even if it's just a casual walk) socks can make the difference between a great run and a hellish one. Blisters and hot spots are totally avoidable!

Injury Prevention/Recovery

Sore muscles are a given, especially if you're pushing your body to new distances. But there are tools to help relieve aches and pains and prevent new ones.


There are a couple components of safety, the big one being visibility. If you're running in the dark to beat the heat, both active and passive 360 degree visibility tech is essential. There are also personal safety products for solo runners!


Depending on the distance you're training for, nutrition will be an important part of making sure you finish strong and recover quickly. With tons of options, finding the right fit is often a matter of trial and error. But it's a tasty task!

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