The Newbie

Tova Jones - Social Media Coordinator
Say hello to our Social Media Coordinator extraordinaire, Tova, who just so happens to also be a new runner. She recently committed to doing her very first 5K, so she knows what it’s like to sign up and then say, “Now what?” Well, first of all, a newbie needs the gear to get going, but likely isn’t sure where to start. That’s where these picks, based on Tova’s personal experience (and advice from some of her running co-workers!) are sure to help.

Holiday Gift Guide / The Newbie

Every runner needs a good pair of shoes. This can be tricky without the person getting fitted for themselves, but they can always exchange them, and we’re here to help!

You shouldn’t wear just any old socks with those new shoes. Grab some pairs made specifically for running to ensure newbie feet stay happy.

To keep comfy and dry, it’s important to have running wear that wicks sweat away from your body. Layers are the way to go.

From a hat and gloves to a water bottle and headphones, accessories might not be on a new runner’s radar, but that’s exactly why they make such great gifts!

Remember those layers we mentioned? Well, an outer one that protects against the elements is a must for running outside.