The Young Athlete

Jax Heil - Grand Rapids Sales Associate
Young athletes tend to push their gear to the limits, which is good news for you since they can always use something new, and that makes shopping easy. And guess what? These suggestions from Jax will make it even easier! A Sales Associate at both our Grand Rapids stores, Jax is a recent college grad who runs everything from 5Ks to marathons. Plus, not only does he qualify as a young athlete himself, but he also coaches track and cross country, so is around other young athletes all the time. In short, he’s the perfect person to make these picks:

Holiday Gift Guide / The Young Athlete

Whether to keep your noggin warm or the sun out of your eyes, a hat is one of the easiest and safest gifts to give – they always come in handy, and you can never really have enough.

Young athletes can sometimes procrastinate a bit when prepping for winter training. A good base layer will help them stay warm and be ready to face the cold.

Outside over tights or on their own at the gym, running shorts can be used for every season and the more you have the better!

A new GPS watch is something every athlete would love, especially a young athlete who might not be able to buy one for themselves.

Everyone could use socks, and if you’ve ever run outside during a Michigan winter, you know quality socks are definitely a must-have!