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Roctane Energy | 123130
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The Ultimate Energy and Hydration Drink
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    TROPICAL FRUITLet's. Get. Tropical! For those who want a taste of deliciously strong fruit and a punch of energy during exercise, this one is for you. The drink blends the essence of several sweet tropical fruits, transporting you from mid-race pain to mid-tropic beaches. Take a flavor vacation with Tropical Fruit ROCTANE Energy Drink Mix.

    The Ultimate Energy and Hydration Hybrid

    When you're pushing yourself on the trail or road, you need an easy way to get both the hydration and energy you need to avoid bonking, stay energized, and keep competing. ROCTANE Energy Drink Mix is a carbohydrate intensive energy drink to help push the limits during ultra-distance and intense efforts. It contains the critical carbs and electrolyte replenishment that endurance athletes need to compete at high levels


    ROCTANE Energy Drink Mixis an all-in-one solution to energy and hydration with key nutrients like electrolytes and branched-chain amino acids to keep you feeling strong and energized. The precise blend of complex and simple carbohydrates will fuel you up, so you feel good, longer. Drink one serving every hour to stay energized and hydrated while exercising.

    It is a light tasting, easy-to-mix formula for fueling serious efforts. Each 250-calorie serving contains:

    • Carbohydrates(maltodextrin and fructose) that use non-competing pathways which can help maximize absorption, increase carbohydrate utilization, and diminish stomach distress, so you get energy that kicks in quickly and stays with you
    • Sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat that aids in hydration by maintaining fluid balance
    • Branched-chain amino acids(L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine) which may reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage while jump-starting recovery
    • Taurinecan help maintain heart contractility and improve cardiac output during long exercise sessions‚Ć
    • Beta-alaninecan help promote formation of the intramuscular buffer carnosine, which can help delay the onset of fatigue during high-intensity efforts.‚Ć